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Hands-free made easy with Freemie

Breast feeding can be a wonderful bonding experience with your baby, and although it is physically demanding, the cuddles and devoted time with your baby are enjoyable.

Pumping, however, is a job of necessity. And it can be a time-consuming and isolating one at that.

Using a manual breast pump usually means you are sitting down, partially uncovered, and with only one hand free. Maybe the most relaxing thing you can do is watch TV.

And while it’s nice to relax, when you are anchored to the breast pump like this, watching the time tick away – perhaps 45 minutes if you are using a single sided manual breast pump – all you can do is think about what you could rather be doing. Catching up on emails, preparing dinner, getting a start on folding the ever-growing mountain of onesies in the laundry basket.

Freemie Breast Feeding mother with hands free while expressing breast milk

This is why hands free pumping is life-changing. Being able to multi-task is a must for busy mums, and with a hands free breast pump system it is a reality.

When you think of hands-free pumping, you may call to mind an image like Khloe Kardashaian with two bottles being suspended on her chest, held in place with an awkward boob tube! This seems no more relaxing than manual pumping. That’s why the Freemie hands-free system is, hands down, the best.

The Freemie Liberty pump combined with the Collection Cups allow you to express both hands free and concealed. So you don’t need to worry if your neighbour sees you pumping while making a sandwich or stop if a friend drops by for a cup of tea. It’s the last word on convenience.

If you’d like to see what Freemie users from around the world look like while they’re pumping, check out the Freemie facebook page. Some Freemie pumpers can express while they’re on the road, at their desk, or even at a sports game.

Once you try the Freemie way of hands free pumping, you’ll never look at the other hands-free systems in the same way again.

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