Freemie Rose Breast Pump System – Premium Model

Freemie Rose Breast Pump System – Premium Model

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In stock (can be backordered)



Introducing Freemie Rose! Our newest premium pump system is perfect for any occasion! Enjoy lightweight and quiet pumping that is more discreet than ever before.

This complete system includes our rechargeable portable pump and a set of our new SlimFit5 Cups with 30m breast flanges, and soft SlimFit Fitmie insert sizes 28mm and 25mm. Each SlimFit5 Cup holds up to 5 ounces (147ml) of milk and is less noticeable than any other wearable breastpump.

The Rose is packed with the proven Freemie technology and performance with our latest award-winning design to give you the unmatched versatility, power and true mobility that you need to fit your busy lifestyle.

Sleek, chic cups work with a pretty, powerful pump to deliver a feature-rich pumping experience:

  • Hospital grade suction
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Smaller and lighter with simplified settings
  • USB-C connection
  • Independent suction and cycle controls with Turbo® power
  • Adjustable sleep timer
  • Memory settings
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen

The included pink SlimFit5 Cups can be further customized for comfort and fit with SlimFit Fitmie soft purple insert sizes 15mm to 28mm (sold separately). Note that SlimFit5 Cups are not compatible with clear Standard Fitmie inserts.

The Freemie Rose differs to the Freemie Liberty that the Rose comes with the SlimFit 5oz collection cups.  The SlimFit 5oz collection cups are of a size of 30mm and include a pair of inserts for both 28mm and 25mm.  If you require a smaller fit you will need to purchase additional SlimFit Fitmie inserts of the appropriate size.  The Freemie Rose Breast Pump is compatible with Freemie SlimFit6 and Standard Cups.  Purchase the standard cups when larger milk collection capacity is desired.

What you will receive:
  • 1x Rose Breast Pump
  • 1x Pump Clothing Clip
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cord
  • SlimFit5 Cup Set (30mm breast flanges)
  • SlimFit Fitmie Inserts (28mm and 25mm)
  • 2x L-Connectors
  • 1x Y-Connector
  • 3x Pieces of Tubing
  • 2x Closed System Barriers
  • 2x Closed System Duckbill Valves
  • 1x Compact Carrying Bag

Made without latex, BPA, BPS or DEHP.

Milk collects in the Freemie Cups in your bra, underneath your clothing, safely and hygienically separated from the electronic pump motor. After pumping, remove the Cups and transfer your milk to storage. Can be charged from anywhere with a USB port. The pump’s tubing lengths can be customized to fit your style; place the pump on the desk at your workstation, or wear with the detachable belt clip, or carry in a bag. Freemie Cups are super lightweight for comfort in your bra and the SlimFit collection cups are even lower profile and more compact than any other pump system.

Read all instructions carefully. Practice before your first day away from the baby. Proper assembly and an effective bra fit are critical for success. Getting started, hold the cups by hand and pay attention to the positioning of the funnels, and the most effective pressure on your breasts. Then try all your bras to find the ones that hold the cups just like your hands for an effective pumping experience. Includes the programmable auto-shutoff timer. 3 programmable memory buttons. Find and save your favorite speed and suction settings for stimulation, let down power pumping, or a relaxed pumping mode for easy one-touch access.

No disposables required.

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