SlimFit5 Collection Cup Set – Closed System

SlimFit5 Collection Cup Set – Closed System

$ 169.95 (NZD)

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)



Finally, wearable pumping looks natural!  Meet our ultra pink and discreet SlimFit5 Collection Cups! So cute and comfortable no one will know what you’re up to! SlimFit5 are smaller and more natural looking than any other wearable pump product.

SlimFit5 means you can pump up to 5 ounces (148mL) in each cup, while you nurse, work, socialize or play.

Connect SlimFit5 to any Freemie wearable pump* and go! (*Also compatible with a range of other pumps)

Ultra lightweight Freemie SlimFit5 Cups can be reused again and again.

Set includes sizes 30mm flanges, and 28mm and 25mm SlimFit Fitmie inserts. (Additional SlimFit Fitmies sold separately)

Freemie milk collection cups are designed to help make your pumping experience compatible with your life.  Our milk collection cups allow you greater flexibility to pump whenever and wherever.  No bulky pumps to fit inside your bra making you comfortable to pump anywhere around anyone.  Freemie milk collection cups work with our Freemie breastpumps or if your pump is on the list below you’re just a couple of clicks away from experiencing pumping freedom.

Milk contacting components are free from BPA, BPS, DEHP or latex.

Easy to clean and sanitize.

What you will receive:

  • 2x 30mm Breast Flanges
  • 2x 28mm SlimFit Fitmie Inserts
  • 2x 25mm SlimFit Fitmie Inserts
  • 2x Cup Parts
  • 2x Valves
  • 2x Valve Bases
  • 2x Barriers
  • 2x L-Connectors
  • 3x Tubing Pieces
  • 1x Y-Connector

Important: If you tend to use stronger pump settings and/or have more elastic nipple tissue you may want to consider SlimFit6 or Standard Cups which have slightly deeper flanges.

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