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Freemie Rose Electric Breast Pump

With the same hands-free and portable design that Freemie is known for the Freemie Rose comes with the low profile SlimFit Collection Cups. Our latest design is the most discreet pumping experience available. The Freemie Rose makes expressing on the go so easy.

This beautiful circular pump is our smallest and most lightweight pump. Including noise reducing technology and independent suction and cycle settings it gives a very comfortable expressing experience.


Freemie Liberty Electric Breast Pump

When you’re a busy mother, every minute counts. Stepping away from family, friends, and coworkers to express breast milk is time consuming, not to mention isolating. With concealable Freemie Collection Cups and the portable Freemie Liberty Electric Breast Pump, you can breast pump in public—fully clothed, and hands free.

Pump while you work, visit with friends, prepare dinner, help your kids with homework, watch TV—even while you hold your baby. Comfortable and convenient, the Freemie Liberty Electric Breast Pump system is made for life.

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