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Under Supplier to Freezer Stash!

I have always been an under-supplier since my little man was born, add that to the fact my son couldn’t seem to get my milk out/latch properly made for a very difficult time.  Feeding was difficult so I began pumping to feed him what little milk I had and supplementing with formula – however we tried every formula you could think of including prescription ones from the Pediatrician but my boys tummy just couldn’t tolerate any and he would get gassy, tummy pains, the runs or blocked up, some nights he would be squealing with pain it was so heart breaking.

The only thing that agreed with his tummy was my milk which I didn’t have enough of so I began desperately trying to increase my supply – pumping as often as possible (it was never enough) and every trick/supplement I could find it was never enough because I couldn’t find the time to pump as often as I needed to increase it.

Then I found the Freemie pump! No more being stuck to the wall unable to cuddle my baby or need some one there to hold him so I could pump, I could race out of the house and not have to worry I didn’t pump because I could pump in the car! I went from pumping once every 4 hours to every 2 hours and within a week I saw a massive difference- I’ve managed to cut out all formula and start a freezer stash!! I literally pump every where now!!

Louise Williams

I love my on the go pump. I use the freemie on the way to our family outings in the car. It’s discreet and so comfy. I love all the settings and the memory option. It feels more natural than my previous pump and I always get a great amount of milk. The reason I chose this over other products was because of the size of the cups and how much milk it holds.

Olga Lopez

The Freemie Liberty and cups are a GAMECHANGER!! The Freemie Liberty has literally freed me! Before I had the pump and cups I would have to plan my whole day around pumping at work. I work with all men in an open plan office with nowhere private to pump besides the toilets. So being surrounded by people who have no understanding of breastfeeding and pumping it is an uncomfortable place to pump to say the least. With the Freemie Liberty I can pump at my desk and the pump is sooo(!) quite that no one even knows, even in our super quite office.  The pump is so quiet but still really powerful so I can pump quite quickly with it and  it works really well with the cups.  The cups themselves are great, they can hold heaps of milk and you can pour the milk straight out of them with no spillage.  Now I don’t have to plan my day around pumping or spend time in the toilets pumping, it just happens when I am working and I don’t feel like I have lots of unwanted eyes on me. I cannot recommend the Freemie Liberty and cups to working mummies enough, it will truly change how you pump!

I also now have more time because I don’t have to set aside time to pump at home, it just happens when I am going about my life.  Besides pumping at work with no one knowing I have pumped, I pump pushing the pram, cooking dinner, in the car, playing with the baby, on a plane… You can pump anywhere and reclaim your time.  I recommend the Freemie Liberty to all mothers, it will change your pumping life!


Ashleigh Jones,Brisbane - Australia


I can’t begin to describe just how easy pumping became when I was introduced to the Freemie Breastpump! When my little one was born I suffered with horrendous pain while breastfeeding. Determined to continue to breastfeed, I tried a number of pumps. The Freemie Breastpump was by far the most comfortable pump to use! While most pumps feel and sound mechanical, the Freemie felt completely natural. With the added bonus of being handsfree it made expressing a breeze. Being handsfree meant I could still play with my baby whilst expressing or get some chores done/sit and read a book while he slept. As it’s so quiet, I could stay in bed and express throughout the night without waking my husband, it was perfect! The auto shutoff function meant I could close my eyes and rest knowing the pump would switch off

The cute drawstring bag makes it so easy to carry around whilst remaining discreet. The easy USB charging meant I could pack it up at the beginning of the day and feel confident in the fact that I could pump on the go. I have used my Freemie Breastpump at the mall, in the car and even out fishing on the boat! I also kept a USB adapter in the car meaning I could charge it on the go too! It was so handy!

I love how user friendly this pump is! Easy to put together, easy to use and extremely quick and easy to clean!! Pumping handsfree was an absolute game changer for me! I can’t recommend the Freemie Breastpump highly enough 🙂

Lauren, Auckland

Pumping became Easy

Just wanted to let you know too that I am exceptionally happy with the performance of my freemie pump. Our son arrived 12 weeks early so this pump was amazing during our NICU stay as I used it to pump 6 times daily for 2 months while he transition to breastfeeding when he was old enough. I am returning to work in March so will be back to using my pump several times a day and love the freedom it will give me to continue pumping and working in the office.

Kate QLD

Exclusive Breast Pumping for my Prem Baby in NICU


The dreaded washing

For my first daughter I used the older version of Freemie Pump and Cups. While I thought they were great, for my second child I was lucky enough to use the new Freemie portable Liberty Pump and Closed Cups. This system is fantastic!!!!!  The pump is small, quiet and powerful and having it charged with a USB cable is so convenient. The Closed Cups are a big improvement compared with the older ones, no chance of getting milk in the tubing and still easy to clean the parts.  If you thinking about getting a pump, I totally recommend the Freemie system. Have attached some action shots of multi-tasking. 🙂

Samantha, Melbourne Australia

Pumping while cooking dinner

Cooking Dinner while Pumping

I used the pump and it was so easy and comfortable!! I pumped one side while James fed, it was great!!
I’ve attached a quick selfie I took lol…..
Absolutely love it!

Tammy, Auckland New Zealand

Pumping While Feeding

This pump is like nothing I’ve tried before! (I’ve tried MANY!)

My first child was exclusively expressed for and with number 2 baby I have now had to dig out my previous pump again. I felt I had the most ideal setup for pumping that was possible (hands free pumping bra, massive extension cord that I dragged around the house, and knowing where the power points are around town that I can access). However now having experienced this pump I realise I was FAR from ideal!!!! I no longer need my extension cord, I don’t need power points when out and about, and the pumping bra is not required as I use my regular bra.

The biggest advantage is that I can actually do stuff while pumping. The standard pumps with the bottles extending out the front meant that feeding my baby meant I had to set her up on a pillow away from me so that she didn’t kick my bottles off and cause a leak or get tangled in my tubing. Being able to hold her and feed while pumping is much more intimate. While using this pump I can still look presentable in public and no-one needs to see my nipples exposed or have a pumping bra strapped on over my clothing. I’m pumping without anyone even knowing. Yes if the room is quiet someone may hear the quiet hum and sshhhh of the pump but if asked I’m quite proud to reveal what I’m multitasking doing! Mum’s are always busy and time is crucial so if exclusively expressing with other pumps you lose hours connected up to the power point, but this freemie pump is a game changer, it FREE-ME-UP big time!!!!!!!

Sheena, Hamilton New Zealand

Handsfree and Mobile Freemie Liberty Outstanding

Every time when a mum asking me how do I manage to run my businesses while fully Breast feeding I say that there is no way I could do it without my freemie.
Usually the reaction I get when I mentioning that I am pumping In my car while I’m driving, or while I am in a meeting is “you love your gadgets” but is just when they actually see the pump in action they are speechless!
Your pump should be used by every mum! I just wish you had more presence in stores or go viral online, as this pump really made it so easy for me to manage busy life and giving good nutrition to my little boy while he is in day care.

Shiran, Queensland Australia

Pumping While Running a Business

My first little girl refused to breastfeed.  She just flat out screamed blue murder.  Not wanting her to miss out on the benefits of breast milk I chose to express.  I used a standard electric double pump and often struggled at night when I had to hold the pump horns in place.  I’d be so tired that I’d nod off and be jolted awake with the sound of the pump sucking air as I’d moved my hand and it had lost the suction.  It also meant that while I was pumping I couldn’t do anything else.  Second time around though I had a pre-schooler. Trying to express discretely and being able to have my hands free seemed impossible until I saw the Freemie system.  Buying the Freemie was one of the best investments that I made for me and baby.  This time around expressing didn’t have to mean wasted time.  Instead I could email, text, phone, help the pre-schooler, entertain the baby and so much more. When it comes to expressing, Freemie is the way to go!

Leanne Fry, North Shore, Auckland

Freemie is the way to go

With my first child I used a hands free Avent pump and found it to be hard work. I am now using the

Freemie hands free Electric Pump with my second baby and I absolutely love it. It’s super

comfortable, quiet and easy to use.  I love the fact it is truly hands free. I used to find pumping an

annoying use of my free time but with the Freemie system I can work at the computer etc while it does the

work for you.  I highly recommend this breast pump to all breast feeding mothers.

R Rieper  Auckland

Traditional Pumps Hard Work

I recently found myself with damaged nipples and had to pump exclusively… I had a Medela swing which I sat there for seriously an hour each time she fed to get out 100ml. It was draining me, in all aspects except milk really, especially middle of night feeds. She was guzzling this down and wanting more so I was quickly using up my freezer stash. Also taking myself out of the picture from my children for that long was impossible. I started looking for a solution and thought about a double pump, then decided to try the Freemie Electric Breast Pump because of it being hands free.

It is simply fantastic. I’m sitting here with my two children on my lap while I’m breast pumping and writing this. The tubing is all tucked under my clothes so little hands can’t grab. I was also able to feed my baby from one side while expressing milk from the other without disturbing her. I don’t feel like expressing is a chore anymore that takes me away from them.

It’s also amazing because I have gone from taking 1hr for 100ml (if I was lucky, usually around 80) to 20 min for 150ml. I recently read a study that simultaneous pumping of both breasts increases prolactin and therefore increases milk supply, which I’ve definitely noticed. I have been on domperidone for my supply but am now weaning off them while maintaining my milk, which I had tried before using the freemie and failed.

I’m able to feed again now after a week of pumping but having the Freemie for a daily express to build up my freezer stash and my milk supply is so much easier. I wish I’d known about it for my first daughter too. I’d highly recommend for anyone looking for an electric breast pump even if just for occasional pumping, why wouldn’t you make it easier for yourself.

Chelsea WotherspoonAuckland

The Freemie breast pump helped me to continue feeding well after my return to work with my first child.  The ability to pump both sides at once made pumping quick and easy so my little guy got plenty of milk while I was gone. 

With my second bub the hands free function was a saviour. I could read books to my toddler while I pumped each morning, keeping him entertained and out of trouble. Freemie really does give you your freedom back.

CharlotteAuckland, New Zealand

I love the Freemie Freedom Breast Pump – I can work on my computer, help out my older children or play with my baby all while pumping! You can’t truly appreciate the benefits of being hands free while pumping until you try this incredibly innovative system.

Alaina L.Executive MotherAuckland, New Zealand
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