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Who’s behind Freemie in Australasia?

As a mother of three children, I am fully aware of the importance of breastfeeding and giving baby the best start to life that they can get. We all know that there is nothing better than breastmilk.

I felt the pressure to breastfeed my babies no matter what! With my first baby, it was possible to persevere and put every effort I had in to getting baby latched and fed correctly. I was successful and I felt really good about myself. Unfortunately, with my second baby, I didn’t have the luxury of time with a busy toddler around, to get that latch just right and continue to breastfeed her. I felt more exhausted and tense with every feed and did not bond well with my new baby at all. At a time when I should have been enjoying her, I couldn’t even face feeding her!

I used a traditional breast pump within the first two weeks with my second child, because even though my nipples were cracked and bleeding I still desperately wanted to exclusively breastfeed her. I had been successful with my first child and breastfed him for six months, so I was determined that I could do it again. As it turns out, it was not meant to be. I struggled mentally and physically to go through the pain of pumping every 2-3 hours. There was external pressure to keep going. I was very tired, very tense and I felt like I was failing. But my baby was hungry, and in the end, I just wanted her to be happy and content.

Using a traditional pump meant I had to find a convenient time to pump, somewhere on my own, with my breasts out and one hand permanently attached to the horn against my chest. I’ve been through that struggle. And this is why I know the Freemie Collection Cup system will make a huge difference to the lives of pumping mothers everywhere! It finally allows mums to use a breast pump with some discretion. No more hiding yourself away when someone comes to visit at home, or in your workplace. Freemie supports mothers returning to work who want to continue to give their babies breastmilk but may otherwise give up because it’s too hard.

The Freemie system so unique. Finally, mums can pump with their shirt or top on and their hands-free. No other system allows you to do this.  The Collection Cups are really easy to use and are even compatible with other brands of breast pumps with a simple connection kit.

Our company, Lucourem Medical Ltd, has brought the US designed Freemie breast pump collection system to New Zealand and Australia because we believe there is a need for an easier, more convenient way to collect breast milk.

We know you’re going to love it. It has changed the lives of so many women around the world already.

Let us know how you get on with breastfeeding your wonderful creation.

Nicki Jones

– Freemie Australasia

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