Top 5 “things I can do while hands-free pumping”

Top 5 “things I can do while hands-free pumping”

Your life will literally not be the same once you start using a hands-free breastpump like Freemie. Here is my top 5 list of what I like to use my spare time and hands for…

1.    Managing my digital life

By far the most annoying thing about non-hands-free breast pumping is trying to type one-handed. Whether it be mobile or your laptop, you’re simply not as effective with one hand. For the time it takes to pump, I used to just stare at my unanswered emails, banking transactions, work tasks… waiting for the pumping to stop so the working could start. Considering that around half of my life can be digitally managed, being able to do anything on my computer while is pump is such a win.

2.    Getting on top of the mundane tasks

Laundry. With kids, so much time is spent doing laundry. Now I’m not overjoyed in general to fold laundry or iron, but being able to do it while pumping means I can combine two tasks in to one and I don’t have to do it while I watch Netflix later…

3.    Feeling very domestic in the kitchen

You just can’t do anything cooking related with only one hand. I’ve tried. I got stumped as soon as my oldest child asked for Marmite on toast and I couldn’t get the lid off the jar. Pumping in the kitchen means I can make breakfasts and lunches, prep dinner, and even get on to very satisfying but put-offable tasks like getting a loaf into the breadmaker, throwing ingredients into the EasiYo or rolling some gluten-free-sugar-free-dairy-free bliss balls. Feeding my kids homemade, wholesome snacks while pumping nutritious breastmilk for my baby? Parenting WIN.

4.    Kiddie wrangling

I have three boys, currently all under 5 years old. I know, I can feel your mixture of awe and pity through the screen. Anyway this squad of boys are sometimes the best of friends, but when they’re not it’s all out war. My legs and feet are pretty ineffective tools for separation when Boy #1 is trying to punch Boy #2 for stealing his Lego creation. Hands-free means no one gets hurt on my watch.

5.    Doing something for me

I used to read a lot – inspiring, creative, though-provoking reading. These days I’m lucky to get through one book per year, but I can recite The Gruffalo by heart. I’ve been wanting to get back in to reading, and to have my hands free while I pump is the perfect time (assuming the kids are all behaving quietly). It doesn’t have to be reading, I could paint my nails. I could watch TV. Or I could just sit and be peaceful and let my hands rest, cos let’s be honest with all the work we mums do, our hands are almost always busy!

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