Discreet and Portable Pump Saves the day!

Discreet and Portable Pump Saves the day!

Use of the discreet and portable pump

Producing 1.3L per day due to the convenience of the Freemie breastpump

When considering a breastpump purchase think about how you will manage when you need to be be portable.  Do you want a discreet breastpump to be able to pump in public?  One of our Freemie exclusive pumpers found out the hard way why other conventional pumps just don’t cut it.  Her story made the news in New Zealand.  Read HERE about all the issues that the Freemie Liberty solved for this busy mum when all she wanted to do was leave the house.    For a discreet and portable pump choose a Freemie Liberty.

It was such a nice surprise to see this article about our company in the news.  We do love hearing personal stories from our users and what they have got up to with their Freemie.  If you have one to share please get in touch.

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