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Manually Breast Pump with your shirt on.

Designed for single and double manual breast pumping on the go, Freemie Equality fits your lifestyle. With concealable Freemie Collection Cups and the Freemie Equality Manual Breast Pump, you can pump anywhere, anytime. Go for a hike, take your baby to the park, attend your kids’ soccer games, fly, go sailing—and express your breast milk with your shirt on. Discreet, comfortable, and convenient Freemie is made for life.

What’s included in the Freemie Equality Manual Breast Pump set?

The Freemie Equality Set includes the Manual Equality Breast Pump and two 230ml concealable Collection Cups (460 ml capacity total) for double breast pumping on the go.

What are the Technical Specs?

  • Freemie Equality Manual Breast Pump (1)
  • Pump dimensions: 19 cm long; 10 cm tall (handle); 5 cm in diameter (cylinder)
  • Pump weight: 105 grams
  • Freemie Collection Cups (1 set of 2 cups)
  • Cup dimensions: 11 cm in diameter; 7 cm deep
  • Cup weight (empty): 71 grams each; 142 grams total
  • Cup capacity: 230 ml each; 460 ml total
  • 25mm breast funnels (1 set of 2 funnels)
  • 28mm breast funnels (1 set of 2 funnels)
  • Valve bases (2), valves (2), and spare valve (1)
  • Freemie Equality Connection Kit (1)
  • See our returns policy

Download the Freemie Equality Manual Breast Pump User Manual in PDF form.

IMPORTANT– READ THIS MANUAL PRIOR TO USE: This Freemie Equality hands-free (manual) Breast Pump and concealable collection system is a single user, reusable system that you may use throughout the first year of your baby’s life, and beyond. This manual contains important information for the proper sanitization, use and care of your Freemie Equality system. Please visit our website, www.Freemie.co.nz, for customer service and all your spare parts needs. This is a single user product. Use by more than one person may present a health risk and void the warranty.


Indications for use: The Freemie Equality Manual Breast Pump and Hands-free, Concealable Collection System is intended to be used for the purpose of expressing human milk.

Breast pump the Freemie wayFreemie-Manual-Breast-pumping-mother

pump efficiently

Single or double pumping – Freemie can be used for single or double pumping as desired.

Pump and relax

Home – Simultaneously pump or passively collect milk while breastfeeding to catch and store every precious drop.

Work – Pump discreetly at your work station without ever undressing.

Travel – Travel with Freemie Equality to express milk on the go whenever a private place can’t be found.

Breast Pump while bonding with your newborn baby

Freemie Equality can be used to pump breast milk while breastfeeding. Place baby on one breast your Freemie cup on the other.





  • Use Freemie Hands-free, Concealable Collection System only with compatible breast pumps.
  • Keep Freemie Hands-free, Concealable Collection System in an upright position while breast pumping.
  • Transfer breast milk to a proper storage container right after pumping.
  • Use when you must express breast milk discreetly and hands-free underneath normal clothing.
  • Use Freemie only as often and only as long as you normally breastfeed your baby. Consult a lactation professional if you have questions about your milk supply.
  • Use with a bra or manually hold in place.
  • Keep out of reach of infants and children. Freemie Equality Manual Breast Pump set has small parts that can be a choking hazards.
  • Consult your lactation professional if you have questions about whether Freemie Equality Manual Breast Pump is appropriate for you or to help determine the correct funnel size for you.

Do Not

  • Do not bend forward or recline while using Freemie cups, and avoid excessive movement. This could cause leakage, loss of suction, and milk to flow into tubing.
  • Do not overfill Freemie cups, as this may cause milk to flow into the tubing. You may hear a faint bubbling sound as the Freemie cup is filling. There is a risk of overfilling if you are hearing impaired or use Freemie Equality in a noisy environment.
  • Do not use Freemie Equality if you must watch your milk ejection reflex or manually massage your breasts while pumping to ensure that they are completely empty.
  • Do not share. Freemie Equality is a personal use item.
  • Do not use Freemie Equality in any situation that may be unsafe should you become drowsy or distracted during milk expression.
  • Do not use Freemie Equality for simultaneous breastfeeding and pumping with compromised infants without first consulting your healthcare or lactation professional.
  • Do not continue to use Freemie Equality if you experience pain or discomfort in the breast or nipple while pumping.


Freemie Breast Pump Collection System


Parts included:


Equality Connection Kit


Equality Manual Breast Pump


Pump Features:





Preparing Freemie Manual Breast Pump for First Use

Disassemble and clean Freemie prior to first use. Some parts must be boiled initially.


Sanitizing Manual Breast Pump Parts





Assembling Freemie Cups


Always wash hands prior to assembling Freemie. All parts must be completely dry, correctly positioned, and secure.

Inspect the device before each use for signs of wear or damage and replace parts if signs of wear are noted.



Positioning Within Your Bra


The Perfect Bra Fit

Bra fit is critical to the proper use of this device.

  1. Before choosing a bra, single pump with Freemie cup using your hand to hold in place. Consider how much pressure you normally apply against your breasts to pump. This pressure may be different when your breasts are engorged versus when they are empty. To achieve the same pressure and sensation with the Freemie cup in your bra, it may be necessary to adjust your bra or try different bras to get the best fit for you. A sports bra works well for some women.
  2. Your bra must keep the Freemie cups in an upright position and not allow the device to slip around, sag downward, or tilt off to the side during use.
  3. Place Freemie inside your bra with the Breast Funnel opening centered over the nipple.
  4. Make sure you achieve a good seal between Freemie and your skin.


Ensure nipple is centred in the Breast Funnel and not bent or pinched off.

When connected to a breast pump, tubing must be in the 12 o’clock position:





Connecting to Your Equality Pump




Breast Pumping with Freemie

Adjusting your Breast Pump and sitting upright

    1. Adjust pump to low by turning suction control dial to MIN.
    2. Slowly pull handle until you feel a comfortable suction. If suction is not adequate, adjust suction control dial toward MAX until you feel a comfortable balance between suction desired and effort required to pull the pump handle. If suction is too strong, adjust suction control dial towards MIN to reduce suction strength. Pull and release repeatedly to stimulate milk letdown, and continue to express milk as needed. If this repetitive motion results in pain, even if you don’t think the pump is the cause of pain, stop pumping and consult your health care professional.
    3. Pump with Freemie in an upright position, such as sitting or standingbest-Breast-pumping-sitting-positions


  1. Each Freemie holds 8 ounces of milk.
    NOTE: When device is full, stop pumping immediately and pull tubing from Freemie while still wearing in bra. (see page 12, When Your Are Done Pumping)
  1. If you regularly produce more than 8 ounces at a time, stop pumping when Freemie is full and empty device. (See page 12, When Your Are Done Pumping) Alternatively, if you have a second Freemie set, switch out full Freemie cups with empty cups to minimize pumping interruptions.

When you are interrupted

  1. Interupted-Breast-pumpingStop pumping.
  2. Disconnect tubing at T-connector or at pump. (See diagram)
  3. Leave Freemie breast milk collection cups temporarily in your bra, and maintain an upright position.
  4. When ready to resume pumping reconnect via tubing, and continue to pump.



  • Bending over or reclining during use, or overfilling may cause leaking, loss of suction, or milk to flow into tubing.
  • Empty Freemie when full and remove immediately after pumping.
  • If milk flows into tubing immediately stop pumping.

! Stop pumping – if you experience pain in your breast or nipple, even if you think the pump is not the source of the pain

Disconnecting and Transferring Breast Milk

When you are done pumping

  1. Stop pumping.Finished-Breast-pumping
  2. Leave Freemie in your bra and gently pull the tubing from the device.
  3. Carefully remove cups from your bra.
  4. Freemie cups may be set flat on a table until ready to transfer to a storage container.Freemie-breast-milk-collection-cup-flat
  5. When Freemie cups are full, do not lay flat on back unless tubing is disconnected.Transferring-Breast-Milk-breast-pumping


Pouring milk into a container

Pour quickly with Breast Funnel side up.
Fully disassemble and clean after each use.
Removal of tubing creates pour spout for transferring milk into storage containers.

Cleaning your Manual Breast Pump

  1. Disassemble and wash all components that come into contact with breast milk (cup, breast funnel, valve, valve base).
  2. Handwashing in hot soapy water is recommended. Rinse thoroughly. Do not steam or boil tubing or valves, as it will cause damage.
  3. Treat all parts with special care. Avoid abrasives and excessive heat.
  4. Clean as soon as possible after each use.
  5. When not in use, store parts out of reach from infants and children.
  6. Dry parts completely before safely storing. Practice with water first to achieve successful transfers. Handle a full Freemie cup with care. Milk can spill out of the Breast Funnel.

Caring for Your Freemie Manual Breast Pump System

Tubing Care

Inspect tubing for breast milk after each pumping session. Soiled tubing that cannot be cleaned should be replaced. Tubing cleaning options are listed below:

  1. If breast milk gets into tubing, rinse thoroughly in hot water. Shake excess water from tubing. Wipe with a clean, soft towel and allow to air dry completely while hanging vertically.
  2. Rinse tubing with isopropyl alcohol. Hang tubing vertically. Air dry completely.
    Caution: Be certain alcohol has completely evaporated before using.
  3. If unable to thoroughly clean tubing, cut off any soiled portion of the tubing, or replace (see Ordering Parts, page 16)
  4. Do not clean tubing in dishwasher, microwave steam bag, or by boiling.


Manual Breast Pumping – Troubleshooting Tips

Breast Not Emptying

  • Always center Breast Funnel over nipple. If the Breast Funnel is off the center of the nipple you may impede milk release, experience loss of suction, or prevent the complete emptying of the breast. (see page 7)
  • Try adjusting the position of Freemie Collection Cup. Comfortably position your body to help create the best seal between Freemie and your skin. Experiment with your body position by sitting up straighter, leaning forward a little, or pulling your shoulders back.
  • The Breast Funnels come in the standard 25mm, 28mm, and 32mm funnels. If you need a larger or smaller Breast Funnel, visit Freemie.com to order the right size Freemie for you.
  • Each Freemie holds up to 8 ounces of milk. If you pump more than this at one time, you need to empty and clean the device to continue pumping. (see page 13)
  • If problems emptying your breasts persist, consult your lactation professional.

Loss of Suction

  • Make sure all parts are completely dry before assembling.
  • Make sure that parts are correctly assembled and fit together as snugly as possible, and that connections to the pump are secure. (see pages 5 & 6 and 9)
  • Make sure tubing is not kinked or pinched. Make sure tubing is pushed securely into its port on the valve base. (see page 6)
  • Make sure Breast Funnel is securely pressed against breast creating a seal around nipple, and is properly seated in bra. Check that no bra material or tubing is between the device and your skin. The device should not be tilting upward, downward, or to the side. (see pages 8 & 10)
  • Make sure nipple is not bent or pinched inside the Breast Funnel. (see page 7)
  • Try a tighter fitting bra to ensure that the bra is able to support and maintain an adequate seal and hold Freemie in an upright position. Consider trying a sports bra. (see page 7)

Milk in Tubing

  • Always make sure device is placed in bra with tubing and pour spout at the 12 o’clock position. (see page 8)
  • Avoid overfilling, empty when full, and remove immediately after pumping.
  • Avoid excessive movement while pumping and only use in an upright position. (see page 10)
  • Never place full device on flat surface without first removing tubing. (see page 12)
  • If milk gets in tubing, see cleaning instructions. Replace tubing if you are unable to clean completely.
  • Review your pump manual for pump cleaning instructions.

Need to Stop or Break Suction

  • Suction can be broken by stopping the pump or by inserting a finger between the breast and the breast funnel.
  • Stop suction if you experience pain in your breast or nipple even if you think the pump is not the source of the pain.

Important Notice

If you have any concerns about your health, or experience any pain while nursing or using any breast pump, consult your health care or lactation professional immediately.

Dr. Dao, Dao Health and Freemie User Manual do not give medical or lactation advice or make diagnoses.

Not made with BPA, DEHP, or natural rubber latex.

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