Setting up your Freemie Liberty

Setting up your Freemie Liberty


The speed setting of the pump refers to how many times the pump will draw.  The higher the number the more times it will do this.  With the Freemie Liberty pump you have 11 different speed settings so you can find what works best for you.  The speed ranges from a 10 right down to Turbo mode.  High speed settings (such as 10, 9) are fast cycles with less suction and are commonly used for creating a let-down.  This mimics a baby feeding at the breast by providing the stimulation but not necessarily the strength of the suction needed to continue the milk flow.

High speed settings may be used for the first few minutes, then lower speeds may be desired for expression.  Low speed cycles (TURBO, 1 or 2) are really slow cycles with more suction and are commonly used with a comfortable suction level for expression once milk begins to flow.

Turbo mode has an extended draw cycle for those that wish to use it.


Within each speed setting there are 10 suction settings for fine control of your comfort.  Suction 1 = weakest suction, Suction 10 = strongest suction.  Peak suction will increase as the speed is turned down (towards 1) at any setting.

The pump has the capacity to use all these levels of speed and suction however you determine what works for you.  Setting your pump to the highest suction does not necessarily mean that you will get more output.  You need to find the level that is most comfortable for you.  The speed and suction levels that one person uses may not necessarily be the correct combination that will work for you and so we don’t provide actual setting recommendations.

Setting your Combinations

When you turn the pump on, it will automatically start on the lowest suction level and the highest speed.  If you do not feel anything decrease the speed.  The suction will increase as the speed is turned down (towards 1) even without making any adjustment to the suction level.  When trying to determine your ideal settings just change the speed by 1 or 2 values at a time.  You can then increase the suction level by 1 or 2 values.  Determine your speed before deciding on the suction level.  Once you have reached a speed and suction level that works for you, store this on one of the memory buttons so you can easily return to it next time.  To store the setting to memory, hold down the “1” memory button until M1 shows on the screen.

For let-down start with a higher speed and lower suction, then reduce the speed and increase the suction to complete the expression.  You have the ability to store 3 different memory settings.

Using the Timer function

When you turn your Freemie Liberty on it will automatically start counting down from 40 minutes.  This means that if you do not manually turn it off, it will auto shutoff after 40 minutes.  You can select the time that you wish your pump to run for by pressing the button with the moon picture on it.  It will start at 5 minutes and increase in 5 minute intervals for each time you press it.  This allows you to set it and forget it without having to watch the clock.

Further Support

We recommend you work with a lactation consultant in your area if you are having trouble deciding on a comfortable combination.  You can also contact us directly and customer support can do some troubleshooting with you.

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