Liberty Electric Breast Pump – NEW Evolution Product

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Liberty Electric Breast Pump – NEW Evolution Product

$ 420.00 (NZD)



Liberty Breast Pumps combine proven Freemie technology and performance with our latest award-winning design to give you the unmatched versatility, power and true mobility that you need to fit your busy lifestyle.

The Freemie Liberty Mobile Breast Pump delivers true mobility with hospital-power suction and includes the Next Generation Freemie Closed System Collection Cups with an internal barrier that prevents milk in the tubing. Very small and very quiet – the most versatile and discreet breast pump system in the world.

Milk collects in the Freemie Cups in your bra, underneath your clothing, safely and hygienically separated from the electronic pump motor. After pumping, remove the Cups and transfer your milk to storage. Can be charged from anywhere with a USB port. The pump’s tubing lengths can be customized to fit your style; place the pump on the desk at your workstation, or wear with the detachable belt clip, or carry in a bag. Freemie Cups are super lightweight for comfort in your bra and are lower profile and more compact than any other pump system.

Each cup is large enough to hold 8 ounces of milk and deep enough for the included standard 25mm and 28mm breast funnels. Plan your attire for a loose fit and easy access. Get creative with scarves and jackets. The right attire makes it easier to get cups in and out of your bra discreetly and will make you more comfortable pumping whenever wherever.

Read all instructions carefully. Practice before your first day away from the baby. Proper assembly and an effective bra fit are critical for success. Getting started, hold the cups by hand and pay attention to the positioning of the funnels, and the most effective pressure on your breasts. Then try all your bras to find the ones that hold the cups just like your hands for an effective pumping experience. Includes the world’s first programmable auto-shutoff timer. 3 programmable memory buttons. Find and save your favorite speed and suction settings for stimulation, let down power pumping, or a relaxed pumping mode for easy one-touch access.

IMPORTANT: Lower speed settings can achieve higher maximum suction levels. No disposables required. Buying this Liberty Pump includes the collection cups and everything needed to get going plus a compact bag to carry it all.


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