Lisa says…

I just wanted to write a note and say thank you for all of your support with my breastfeeding journey.  I think the product is amazing, I have had a tough journey and if it hadn’t been for Freemie my supply and breastfeeding journey would have been much worse.  Bubs had tongue and lip tie which wasn’t identified until 5 weeks in and at that time we were in lockdown.  You went above and beyond delivering it to me contactless to avoid the shipping delays the country was experiencing at this time it would have had a serious impact on my supply and my ability to breastfeed at all.

Then I ended up on domperidone with some significant side effects – too many to detail.   With the Freemie Liberty I was able to pump more than 50% of baby’s needs for a full four months and considering he was fed formula literally from birth I was very grateful to be able to do this.  Unfortunately I got ill and had to stop (and now baby is ill) but it all could have been a lot worse if we weren’t able to give him that breast milk for four months. We are so grateful.

Putting all our struggles aside, I think this product is an essential product for new mums and I am so grateful to you and your team for your amazing customer service and quick response at such a critical and pressured time for me and my family.  Sincere appreciation.  Hopefully next time I will be more prepared and will now be recommending to any new mums that they purchase Freemie.  It was amazing!!

-Lisa Oakley, Auckland

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