Game changer for Working Mums

Game changer for Working Mums

The Freemie Liberty and cups are a GAMECHANGER!! The Freemie Liberty has literally freed me! Before I had the pump and cups I would have to plan my whole day around pumping at work. I work with all men in an open plan office with nowhere private to pump besides the toilets. So being surrounded by people who have no understanding of breastfeeding and pumping it is an uncomfortable place to pump to say the least. With the Freemie Liberty I can pump at my desk and the pump is sooo(!) quite that no one even knows, even in our super quite office.  The pump is so quiet but still really powerful so I can pump quite quickly with it and  it works really well with the cups.  The cups themselves are great, they can hold heaps of milk and you can pour the milk straight out of them with no spillage.  Now I don’t have to plan my day around pumping or spend time in the toilets pumping, it just happens when I am working and I don’t feel like I have lots of unwanted eyes on me. I cannot recommend the Freemie Liberty and cups to working mummies enough, it will truly change how you pump!

I also now have more time because I don’t have to set aside time to pump at home, it just happens when I am going about my life.  Besides pumping at work with no one knowing I have pumped, I pump pushing the pram, cooking dinner, in the car, playing with the baby, on a plane… You can pump anywhere and reclaim your time.  I recommend the Freemie Liberty to all mothers, it will change your pumping life!


Ashleigh Jones,Brisbane - Australia
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