Such a genius product!

Such a genius product!

I recently found myself with damaged nipples and had to pump exclusively… I had a Medela swing which I sat there for seriously an hour each time she fed to get out 100ml. It was draining me, in all aspects except milk really, especially middle of night feeds. She was guzzling this down and wanting more so I was quickly using up my freezer stash. Also taking myself out of the picture from my children for that long was impossible. I started looking for a solution and thought about a double pump, then decided to try the Freemie Electric Breast Pump because of it being hands free.

It is simply fantastic. I’m sitting here with my two children on my lap while I’m breast pumping and writing this. The tubing is all tucked under my clothes so little hands can’t grab. I was also able to feed my baby from one side while expressing milk from the other without disturbing her. I don’t feel like expressing is a chore anymore that takes me away from them.

It’s also amazing because I have gone from taking 1hr for 100ml (if I was lucky, usually around 80) to 20 min for 150ml. I recently read a study that simultaneous pumping of both breasts increases prolactin and therefore increases milk supply, which I’ve definitely noticed. I have been on domperidone for my supply but am now weaning off them while maintaining my milk, which I had tried before using the freemie and failed.

I’m able to feed again now after a week of pumping but having the Freemie for a daily express to build up my freezer stash and my milk supply is so much easier. I wish I’d known about it for my first daughter too. I’d highly recommend for anyone looking for an electric breast pump even if just for occasional pumping, why wouldn’t you make it easier for yourself.

Chelsea WotherspoonAuckland
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