Pumping became Easy

Pumping became Easy


I can’t begin to describe just how easy pumping became when I was introduced to the Freemie Breastpump! When my little one was born I suffered with horrendous pain while breastfeeding. Determined to continue to breastfeed, I tried a number of pumps. The Freemie Breastpump was by far the most comfortable pump to use! While most pumps feel and sound mechanical, the Freemie felt completely natural. With the added bonus of being handsfree it made expressing a breeze. Being handsfree meant I could still play with my baby whilst expressing or get some chores done/sit and read a book while he slept. As it’s so quiet, I could stay in bed and express throughout the night without waking my husband, it was perfect! The auto shutoff function meant I could close my eyes and rest knowing the pump would switch off

The cute drawstring bag makes it so easy to carry around whilst remaining discreet. The easy USB charging meant I could pack it up at the beginning of the day and feel confident in the fact that I could pump on the go. I have used my Freemie Breastpump at the mall, in the car and even out fishing on the boat! I also kept a USB adapter in the car meaning I could charge it on the go too! It was so handy!

I love how user friendly this pump is! Easy to put together, easy to use and extremely quick and easy to clean!! Pumping handsfree was an absolute game changer for me! I can’t recommend the Freemie Breastpump highly enough 🙂

Lauren, Auckland

Pumping became Easy
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