Handsfree and Mobile Freemie Liberty Outstanding

Handsfree and Mobile Freemie Liberty Outstanding

This pump is like nothing I’ve tried before! (I’ve tried MANY!)

My first child was exclusively expressed for and with number 2 baby I have now had to dig out my previous pump again. I felt I had the most ideal setup for pumping that was possible (hands free pumping bra, massive extension cord that I dragged around the house, and knowing where the power points are around town that I can access). However now having experienced this pump I realise I was FAR from ideal!!!! I no longer need my extension cord, I don’t need power points when out and about, and the pumping bra is not required as I use my regular bra.

The biggest advantage is that I can actually do stuff while pumping. The standard pumps with the bottles extending out the front meant that feeding my baby meant I had to set her up on a pillow away from me so that she didn’t kick my bottles off and cause a leak or get tangled in my tubing. Being able to hold her and feed while pumping is much more intimate. While using this pump I can still look presentable in public and no-one needs to see my nipples exposed or have a pumping bra strapped on over my clothing. I’m pumping without anyone even knowing. Yes if the room is quiet someone may hear the quiet hum and sshhhh of the pump but if asked I’m quite proud to reveal what I’m multitasking doing! Mum’s are always busy and time is crucial so if exclusively expressing with other pumps you lose hours connected up to the power point, but this freemie pump is a game changer, it FREE-ME-UP big time!!!!!!!

Sheena, Hamilton New Zealand

Handsfree and Mobile Freemie Liberty Outstanding
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