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The Freemie breast pump helped me to continue feeding well after my return to work with my first child.  The ability to pump both sides at once made pumping quick and easy so my little guy got plenty of milk while I was gone. 

With my second bub the hands free function was a saviour. I could read books to my toddler while I pumped each morning, keeping him entertained and out of trouble. Freemie really does give you your freedom back.

CharlotteAuckland, New Zealand

I love the Freemie Freedom Breast Pump – I can work on my computer, help out my older children or play with my baby all while pumping! You can’t truly appreciate the benefits of being hands free while pumping until you try this incredibly innovative system.

Alaina L.Executive MotherAuckland, New Zealand

I just want to say that my Freemie Breast Pump has been wonderful. I have literally gone through six breast pumps and none of them could remove more than a few drops. With my Freemie pump, not only am I able to get seven ounces of milk out of my right breast and five out of my left (that is absolutely huge for me), but I am able to do it concealed and with one hand.

Kendall N.Sydney, Australia

This breast pump is amazing!!! I have breastfed 4 children and I wish I could of had this with them all.

Danielle A

Danielle A.Boston, USA

The Freemie breast pump is everything I dreamt it would be. I am able to pump in the car, in my cubicle at work. I have even pumped over at a friends house and it was completely discreet. Makes Medela look silly for it’s lack of innovation all these years.

Chatele S. Melbourne Victoria

Chatele S.Melborne, Australia

This product should win awards and will revolutionise the world for lactating mums! Best wishes and thank you for helping improve the lives of lactating mothers and breast milk drinking babies!

Amy E


Amy E.
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